AEDP heals trauma and helps to undo aloneness by championing the innate healing capacity of neuroplasticity in a safe, attached therapeutic relationship.  

Through minute-to-minute, in-depth processing of difficult emotional and relational experiences, AEDP clinicians help clients recover their sense of core self and experience increased resilience and a renewed zest for life.


OUR PURPOSE AND VISION is to provide enriching learning opportunities in the context of deepening affiliations with our colleagues. We want to share our enthusiasm for AEDP, helping it to be more widely known for the healing oriented, powerful, and effective model that it is. With dialogue and support from Diana Fosha founder of the AEDP Institute in New York, AEDP Cascadia was formed to provide the following:

  • A forum for developing and strengthening our AEDP Community

  • A base of support to host AEDP faculty from around the Canada & the United States

  • Ongoing training and development for AEDP practitioners

  • A way to introduce AEDP to other psychotherapists

  • Continuing Education Credits for Psychologists, Social Workers, and Clinical Counsellors