dale trimble

Senior Faculty - AEDP Institute

Dale Trimble received his M.A. in Humanistic Psychology from Antioch University in 1977.  When Dale first connected with AEDP in 2009 he knew that he had found his therapeutic home. Since then he has trained extensively in AEDP with Diana Fosha and Ben Lipton.  Dale travels throughout North America teaching as a faculty member with the AEDP Institute. In 1981 Dale co-founded the first court ordered treatment program for men who assault their partners in the province of British Columbia. He was the lead author of the Canadian syllabus for CP 602 – The Psychology of Trauma and Interpersonal Violence for City University of Seattle, Vancouver, BC campus, where Dale has taught and supervised graduate students. Known as a Canadian expert on working with men, Dale has travelled throughout Canada providing training for therapists on compassionate ways of helping men change. In 2003-04 Dale was the recipient of the BC Association of Clinical Counsellors, President’s Award for Distinguished Contributions to the Profession. Dale has a private practice in Vancouver, BC where he works with individuals and couples, focusing on resolution of early childhood trauma, anxiety, interpersonal violence and depression. His background includes extensive training in Emotionally Focused Couples therapy, EMDR and the clinical application of meditation and mindfulness practices to healing.

IT is with pride that we announce that Dale Trimble has joined the Senior Faculty of the AEDP Institute.  

The following is the welcome notice by Diana Fosha, Director of the Institute:

It is my honor and great pleasure to let you know that Dale Trimble is now Senior Faculty of the AEDP Institute.  

There is so much to honor in Dale: in addition to his soulful, heart-led clinical work and teaching, his contributions to the Institute and his work to launch, and then, together with an awesome team, grow a vibrant AEDP Cascadia community,  are extraordinary and truly too numerous to list  -- and yet I will list some, for all of us to know and share. here goes "some:"

-- Dale's 1st fell in love with AEDP upon seeing Ron Frederick present -- at an EFT (Sue Johnson) conference in canada, I believe. he was hooked!

--I met Dale when he took the immersion course in NYC in c. 2010, I believe. I remember him well. this man, with his Panama hat and Hawaiian shirts, with whom I already felt a connection, came up to me at some point and said to me "I am going to be on your faculty." I took him at his word.

-- As he was making  his AEDP learning journey, his dream of AEDP Cascadia started to take shape. His decades of experience also as a workshop/conference organizer became evident as he began sponsoring/organizing AEDP events in Vancouver. in 2012, together with his wife Johanna, he organized the first AEDP conference on the theme of attachment where Ben Lipton and I presented. It was sold out -- 180 people filled that room.

-- That naturally led to an immersion course in Vancouver, later that year (?).  To date, Vancouver has seen 3 Immersion courses, 3 ES1's and is about to have its first ES2 this coming summer.  Dale assisted in the first ES1 course (helmed by Karen Pando-Mars), helmed the 2nd ES1 course , and is co-helming the 3rd ES1 course (with Karen Kranz).

-- It also naturally led to the growth and development of AEDP Cascadia in Vancouver -- trainings, workshops, salons -- and a strong and growing and dedicated team-- and a super vibrant AEDP community. the AEDP "salon" was born with the AEDP Cascadia group. Dale feels very proud of the name Cascadia, "Cascadia as it is in keeping with the natural world connection of AEDP as opposed to political nation boundaries. and therefore universality."  He has since offered advice on AEDP salons to Jerry's regional Development committee as well as to several individuals in different parts of the country.

-- Dale's spirituality and also his deep respect and honoring for the native people of the region runs deep. honoring the land that the buildings that the courses were being held in, he began many of the AEDP events in Vancouver with a blessing and an honoring of the First Nation people of the region.  He make it a habit to acknowledge that we meet on the un-ceded territories of the First Nations.

-- Dale brings decades of experience working with men, and especially men referred to therapy because of violent behaviors, especially toward their partners.  He has used that experience to inform and develop a workshop about AEDP work with men;  a part of that workshop is devoted to addressing work with men with of history of violence.

-- Before going on to list some of this organizational contributions, a personal note: as Dale was going through his AEDP training and as I was getting to know him, I got to know and experience his wisdom and his big heart and spirit, both the results of his decades of spiritual work, as well as his being in leadership positions in groups and organization.  It just so happened that there were some very challenging moments in one or two of the courses I was teaching that Dale was a part of , as well as later in the executive committee.  I leaned on dale and he was there for me: not only did I feel he had my back, but his wisdom and experience were of enormous help to me, both emotionally and substantively. I learned a lot from him.

-- Which brings us to the organizational side of things: where his contributions are too many to list.  Suffice it to say that,  because of his experience and also belief in the importance to serve, and thus dedication, for two years prior to his becoming faculty, Dale served on two committees of the then executive committee:  in an unprecedented move, we invited Dale to join the AEDP executive committee even before he was faculty because of the special combination of gifts, organizational experience and dedication.

-- Dale became  AEDP Institute Faculty in 2014, and was on the executive committee from at least that time until this past June 2017.

-- In addition to helming, teaching and presenting, he is currently supervising 8-10 people.

This is how dale describes the focus of his current interests:

*managing myself as an AEDP therapist, use of self in therapy and the richness and limits of practicing AEDP as a path of personal transformation

*assessing for and managing risk

* finding healthy shame and putting it to good work

* spirituality, spiritual bypassing and trauma resolution as a vehicle of enlightenment

Because of all of these things and more, it is -- as I said when I began this-- a pleasure and an honor to have Dale become Senior Faculty of the AEDP Institute

Please join me in congratulating Dale and welcoming him to his new title.

Thank you for all your contributions, Dale! and looking forward to what the next years bring with you in this role.

Diana, as Director of the AEDP Institute.


dr. karen kranz

Dr. Kranz has been a psychologist in private practice in Vancouver Canada since 2000. Her areas of interest in AEDP are making the work with clients and therapists increasingly more relational and experiential. She is continually challenged and intrigued by core and pathogenic emotions and has completed the first draft of a paper about pathogenic affect with the working title of “Rock Logic & Rabbit Holes: The Phenomenology of Pathogenic State of Consciousness & its Impact on the Therapist’s State of Consciousness and Therapist-Client Intersubjectivity.”

After the Immersion course, she began supervision with Dr. Fosha. "At that time, all that interested me was becoming a better clinician, AEDP certification as a therapist and supervisor and becoming faculty were never my ambitions. However, as I deepened into both my knowledge and experience of AEDP and in the AEDP community, I realized that it was through the process of certification as a therapist, as a supervisor, and now with teaching and writing that I was becoming a better therapist."

With AEDP, Dr. Kranz says she "found a therapeutic home and a community of colleagues when I did not even know I was looking for one, or perhaps more aptly wasn’t looking for one because I did not believe such a home existed."

Dr. Kranz has assisted and taught in Immersion, Essentials Skills (ES1) and Advanced Skills (ES2) courses nationally and internationally, as well as given workshops in the US and Europe. Her most recent paper is “Making AEDP supervision relational and experiential: Cultivating receptive affective capacity in supervisee and client.”