AEDP Cascadia SALONS are held three times at year. You are welcome to attend if you have attended many AEDP trainings, only a few or are brand new. We are confident that you will find something of value in the presentations and will enjoy our warm and vibrant community. 

The AEDP approach is inspiring and affirming in the way it honours our relationship to our clients in the moment and engages the positive "transformance strivings" that are always available. AEDP is deceptively simple and can be challenging to integrate. The "Salon" is intended to provide a supportive community as we develop our skills. Topics may be as far ranging as responding to defenses, knowing where you are in the process of therapy or sharing the impact of working as an AEDP therapist on ourselves, and especially just being together to share the journey.


november 2018

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Location: 1055 W Broadway, Vancouver, BC


 Sunday, June 3, 2018


One of our AEDP certified clinicians will show a videotaped session of a client who presents with depression and an insecure ambivalent attachment style rooted in historical childhood trauma. The clinical case will explore working on the edge of pathogenic affect. Portions of the session will be interspersed with group discussion and reflection. 

 SUNDAY, APRIL 8, 2018


Goretti Faria, MSW, RCSW, CCC

Goretti is a Registered Clinical Social Worker in private practice in Fort Langley, BC.  After beginning her AEDP studies in 2014 Goretti has experienced the personal and professional transformative power of the model.  She has been deeply appreciative of her clients’ trust in the safety and efficacy of the collaborative process which, simultaneously, has inspired her to be brave in accompanying her clients through the co-created and mutually transformative journey.  

In this presentation, Goretti will show a video taped session with a 35 year old woman with a long history of emotional neglect and deprivation who, consequently, struggles with shame, avoidance, and difficulty letting in love and care (receptive affective capacity).  Goretti will focus on the importance of the relational aspect of the model and the therapist’s use of self in managing anxiety and the co-engendering of secure attachment and positive valuation of the self.  She will review the various triangles used in AEDP to illustrate the synergistic interaction of emotions, attachment, and transformation both intra-psychically and inter-personally, as they appear in this piece of work.  She will invite group reflection, discussion, and access to transformance strivings in ourselves as we witness those of this courageous client.  


Sunday, November 26, 2017

  Dr. Douglas Ozier

Dr. Douglas Ozier

Dr. Douglas Ozier is a registered psychologist who works in full time private practice in Vancouver. He has been studying AEDP since 2011 and finds that it offers him a rich therapeutic home.  In this salon Douglas will show video from a session with a 30-year-old male client who presents with issues of anxiety, interpersonal avoidance, and chronic procrastination. Douglas will briefly review the AEDP 4 state model.  He will then show portions of the session, inviting the group to offer responses and to collaboratively reflect on the client’s movement through the four states.