AEDP:  An Overview from the Ground Up

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November 2nd, 2018  -  9am - 5pm

Canadian Memorial Centre for Peace

                                                 1825 West 16th Ave.,  Vancouver, BC        

This 1-day workshop is designed for clinicians who are new to AEDP (Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy), as well as therapists familiar with the model who want to refresh and enhance their skills and understanding. Richard will distill and clarify key concepts and interventions at the heart of this intuitively appealing yet complex and powerful way of working.

Together we will explore and discover how:
• dyadic regulation of affect
• experiential/somatic work
• processing core adaptive emotions to completion all within the safety of the therapy relationship, unleash a transformational spiral of accelerated healing and quantum change. This deep process enhances our clients’ sense of connection with self and others, heals attachment wounds, and empowers people to live more freely and fully.
The workshop incorporates:
-  Engaging lecture and interactive disscussion
- Video examples of AEDP therapy sessions with clients with different attachment presentations
- Small group experiential activities

Learning Goals and Objectives:
Participants will:
1. Gain a clear overview of the theory, maps, and therapist stance that undergird and guide  AEDP  practice and the transformational process
2. Discover the healing power of explicit relational interventions
3. Understand AEDP’s Triangle of Experience and how it informs important clinical choice points
4. Learn powerful new ways to facilitate, deepen, and strengthen change for the better through meta-therapeutic processing.  

5. Practice key intervention skills

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           Richard Harrison,  Ph.D
           Registered Psychologist (#1855)
     Certified AEDP Therapist & Supervisor
     Certified EFT Therapist & Supervisor

About Richard:
Richard Harrison is a Registered Psychologist with over 20 years experience as a clinician, educator, and group facilitator. He is known for his clarity, openness, and engaging style as a presenter. Richard teaches and supervises graduate students in Counselling Psychology and Psychiatry at the University of British Columbia and maintains a full clinical caseload with individuals and couples at the Vancouver Couple & Family Institute. He has authored publications on psychotherapy, supervision, and therapist self-care in professional journals. Richard was trained and supervised in AEDP by Dr. Diana Fosha, founder of the model. He genuinely delights in helping people grow and thrive in their personal and professional lives.


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About AEDP:
AEDP is a healing-oriented, experiential therapy that harnesses the power of emotion and attachment to accelerate change. This integrative treatment model is informed by affective neuroscience and interpersonal neurobiology, attachment theory, developmental studies, emotion theory, somatic therapies, and transformational studies.  AEDP teaches us how to skillfully apply this knowledge in our clinical practice, through specific, effective interventions.  AEDP provides a rich complement to EFT and is particularly helpful to therapists who want to slow down, deepen, and expand emotional experience within and between partners.

Please note: In order to protect client confidentiality, registration for these workshops is limited to practitioners who have the training and educational qualifications to legally practice as a mental health practitioner, or who are enrolled in formal training  to work in the field.